Molly Whitehead

Molly Whitehead, Executive Director of Boone EDC

Molly Whitehead, the Executive Director of the Boone County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), has been appointed to serve on the Region 5 Workforce Development Board, representing Economic Development. Her appointment comes as a testament to her expertise in understanding the intricate needs of talent acquisition and development within new and existing businesses.

Lance Ratliff, Executive Director of the Region 5 Workforce Board, expressed enthusiasm for Whitehead’s inclusion, stating, “Molly’s insights into the talent needs of our business community will play a pivotal role in guiding the Board’s strategies to allocate resources effectively for skill development and workforce readiness. We eagerly anticipate her contributions toward facilitating economic success for individuals while assisting employers in finding the necessary talent to maintain competitiveness and profitability.”

Whitehead, known for her proactive approach to workforce development, emphasized the critical connection between workforce and economic prosperity. “The Boone EDC has dedicated a significant portion of its strategic plan to local workforce development initiatives,” she explained. “I am honored to represent Boone County on the Region 5 Workforce Development Board, aiming to leverage this opportunity for growth and secure additional funding for our community.”

The Region 5 Workforce Development Board undertakes various pivotal functions, including the development of comprehensive long-term plans, workforce research and analysis, stakeholder engagement, collaboration with employers, and the establishment of career pathways in tandem with educational institutions. Additionally, the board focuses on promoting innovative practices to meet the dynamic needs of both job seekers and employers, integrating technology for enhanced program accessibility, and negotiating performance indicators and infrastructure funding mechanisms.

The Workforce Development Board, comprising 34 members, functions as a non-profit entity, duly appointed by elected officials within the Region, operating under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Members represent the diverse interests of the eight counties within Region 5, encompassing key stakeholders from business, labor, education, workforce, and government bodies.

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