Incentive Process

The Boone EDC is Boone County’s economic development arm, which works with the County and its Municipalities to attract businesses to locate to our home while recommending incentives for mutually beneficial, competitive business opportunities. As the point entity for Boone County, the Boone EDC will guide companies throughout the location process, incentives application, review, and compliance process if applicable, and stay connected for further growth opportunities once they locate here.

Below details the incentive application, review, and compliance process for Boone County. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Boone EDC for questions.

Application Process

  • Set up a meeting with the Boone EDC to discuss project and what incentives may apply
    • Considerations include jobs, wages, capital investment and industry
  • Complete the Boone County Incentive Application and all required documents
  • Submit the completed application to the Boone EDC
Review and Approval


  • Upon review, the Boone EDC will issue an incentive recommendation
  • Incentives must receive local elected bodies’ approval (the Boone EDC will assist throughout this process)
  • Boone EDC coordinates any public announcements with all applicable parties
Finalize Incentives
If real property abatement received:

  • Form 322/RE filed one-time with the Boone County Auditor
    • Due Date: May 10
    • Responsibility: Company

If personal property abatement received:

  • Form 103-Long and 103-ERA filed annually to Boone County Assessor
    • Due Date: May 15
    • Responsibility: Company
Annual Compliance

For real property abatements (Indiana requirement):

  • CF-1 form must be filed each year for the length of the abatement (real and personal) with the local community and the County Auditor.
    • Due Date: March 1 – May 15 annually
    • Responsibility: Company

For personal property abatements (Indiana requirement):

  • CF-1 PP, 103 Long and 103 ERA to be filed with Assessor’s office. CF-1 PP form should also be filed with the local community.
    • Due Date: March 1 – May 15 annually
    • Responsibility: Company

For Lebanon incentives:

  • Lebanon’s compliance form to be filed with the Boone County Economic Development Corporation each year incentive is in place.
    • Due Date: May 15 annually
    • Responsibility: Company
  • The form must be completed online. Paper or scanned in versions will not be accepted. Please scroll to the bottom of this page under Compliance Report to access the report.

For Guidance on Forms:

Maintain Connection
Boone EDC to be connected to local plant manager or operator immediately.

  • Allows local point of contact for workforce assistance, participation in HR roundtable, and connection for ribbon cuttings.

Incentive Application

Compliance Report

CF-1 Form