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Digital inclusion

Enhancing our communities by improving digital access. 

To enhance the County’s economic and community vitality, the Boone EDC partnered with Duke Energy and Purdue University in late 2021 to explore opportunities to advance within digital inclusion. The compiled data is linked below.

What is Digital Inclusion?
Digital Inclusion is defined as the “ability of individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies (ICTs). This includes access to broadband. 

Why It Matters

  • 50% of all Boone County employers will need reskilling by 2025.
  • 35% of workers ages 25-34 have no or limited digital skills in Boone County
  • 78% of farmers have no choice in the internet service providers (ISP)
  • Workers with limited or no digital skills are slightly more likely to work for small businesses. 
  • Reliable broadband access of 100/20 (megabytes per second) is limited throughout Boone County. 
The Plan

Gathering benchmark data will provide Boone County with a better understanding of our gaps and current digital climate. We will gather data through speed tests and surveys targeted at primary employers, small businesses, and residents of Boone County.


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Surveys and speed tests will be taken and analyzed between January and April 2022. Following analysis, a full report will be made available.

How Can I Help?

All Boone County residents and business owners are encouraged to provide valuable feedback through surveys and speed tests.

Test Your Broadband Speed


The following is an ongoing list of resources related to digital inclusion in Boone County.

Speed Test

Test your broadband speed through Indiana Farm Bureau here. 

Know of a community resource related to digital inclusion? Contact Claire Collett,