Wage & Benefits Study

Boone County Workforce Wage & Benefit Report 2023 

Manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution

This wage and benefits study, also known as a compensation analysis or salary survey, serves the purpose of helping manufacturing and logistics employers establish competitive and fair compensation packages for their employees. By comparing their wages and benefits with industry and regional standards, companies can ensure that they attract and retain skilled staff. These studies provide crucial data for creating appropriate salary structures, budget planning, and legal compliance. Additionally, they act as negotiation tools for job seekers and existing employees, offering insights into market rates and promoting fairness within the organization. Ultimately, wage and benefits studies enable companies to optimize their resources, maintain legal compliance, and foster a motivated and satisfied workforce.

We proudly partnered with Purdue University’s Center for Regional Development and Roberto Gallardo, Ph.D. to curate this 2023’s Boone County Wage and Benefits Study. We thank them for compiling this information to share with you.