Who We Are

Empowering Growth with Vision and Values

The Boone EDC is dedicated to empowering economic growth in Boone County. Our vision is to drive a thriving and inclusive community through advocacy, responsive support, commitment, innovation, and strategic connections.

Our Values

Passionately championing Boone County’s growth, prosperity, and well-being.

Swiftly addressing community needs with urgency and care.

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to sustainable economic development.

Cultivating creativity for inventive solutions and progress.

Actively building connections to strengthen Boone County’s economic landscape.

How We Deliver

Put Boone County First
Aligning strategies to promote local businesses, talent, and sustainable development.

Take Initiative
Proactively identifying opportunities, challenges, and solutions for positive change.

Manage Expectations
Prioritizing transparent communication, trust, and satisfaction.

Be Creative
Leveraging creativity for efficient initiatives, even with limited resources.

Continual Education
Investing in continuous learning for adaptability and growth.

Our Services: Developing Economic Growth

Small Business Development
Tailored support for expansion, market research, and regulatory navigation.

Workforce Development
Collaborative programs aligning skills with industry needs, focusing on small businesses.

Financial Incentives
Assistance accessing grants, loans, and incentives, prioritizing small business growth.

Infrastructure Support
Identifying sites, advocating improvements, and aiding small businesses.

Networking and Collaboration
Events fostering collaboration and targeted initiatives for small business networking.

Community Engagement
Promoting Boone County, engaging residents, and supporting community projects.

Incubator and Innovation
Managing incubators to nurture startups and encourage innovation.

Quality of Life Initiatives
Collaborating for enhanced overall quality of life in Boone County.

Join Boone EDC in shaping a dynamic and prosperous future for Boone County, where businesses, large or small, contribute to our vibrant community’s success.

View Boone EDC Strategic Plan to learn more.