Incentive Process

The Boone Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC) serves as the economic development arm for Boone County, collaborating with the county and its municipalities to attract businesses to our community. We specialize in recommending incentives for mutually beneficial, competitive business opportunities. As the focal point for Boone County, the Boone EDC takes a hands-on approach, guiding companies through the entire location process, facilitating incentives applications, overseeing reviews, and ensuring compliance when applicable. Our commitment extends beyond initial establishment; we remain connected to businesses, providing ongoing support and identifying growth opportunities within our thriving community.

Incentive Application

Compliance Report

Cf-1 Form

Application Process

  • Set up a meeting with the Boone EDC to discuss project and what incentives may apply, Considerations include jobs, wages, capital investment and industry
  • Complete the Boone County Incentive Application and all required documents (see below)Application is password protected and a password will be provided by the Boone EDC.
  • Submit the completed application to the Boone EDC.

To set up a meeting, email

Review and Approval
  • Upon review, the Boone EDC will issue an incentive recommendation
  • Incentives must receive local elected bodies’ approval (the Boone EDC will assist throughout this process)
  • Boone EDC coordinates any public announcements with all applicable parties upon approval

Once incentives have been approved, there is a process of finalizing these incentives, filing annual compliance reports, and the Boone EDC remains actively involved to ensure a seamless and straightforward process. Our commitment extends beyond the initial approval stage; we provide dedicated aftercare support, offering expertise in navigating the intricacies of incentive utilization. By staying closely engaged, we assist businesses in meeting compliance requirements, streamlining reporting procedures, and addressing any challenges that may arise, ensuring a sustained and successful partnership between the Boone EDC and the businesses we support.