Our team recently had the opportunity to visit Advance to talk economic and community development, and here’s what we learned – exciting changes are coming to Advance.

The town will see several improvements along Main Street and at the park this summer. The State Road 75 renovation project will bring much needed improvements including replacement of the roadway and curbs, updating the curb-ramps to be ADA-compliant, and upgrading the storm sewer system. 

The park will get an upgrade as well, with the installation of a R/C (remote control car) Track. The R/C Track will host three different courses: Rock Climbing, Motor Cross and one of the few sanctioned oval tracks in Central Indiana (corrected 4/30). We learned that R/C racing is a fun, rewarding, family-friendly hobby for those who are passionate about racing. They say this smaller version is just as exciting, technical and rewarding as full-scale racing.

Lastly, the town council recently approved a new logo. The logo includes the iconic water tower and solar panels in recognition of the town’s solar park.

Good things are happening, and we look forward to supporting the town leadership as they continue to bring new amenities to the Advance community!