2024 Boone County Wage & Benefit Survey

The Boone County Wage & Benefits Study, also known as a compensation analysis or salary survey, serves the purpose of helping manufacturing and logistics employers (and new in 2024 our retail and restaurant sector) establish competitive and fair compensation packages for their employees. By comparing their wages and benefits, companies can ensure that they attract and retain skilled staff. These studies provide crucial data for creating appropriate salary structures, budget planning, and legal compliance. Additionally, they act as negotiation tools for job seekers and existing employees, offering insights into market rates and promoting fairness within the organization. Ultimately, wage and benefits studies enable companies to optimize their resources, maintain legal compliance, and foster a motivated and satisfied workforce.

All identifying information will remain confidential, as the report will only provide data in aggregate and will not list the participating employers.  Participating employers will receive initial access to the report, and the report will be made available to any Boone County employer approximately 6 months after it is released to the participants.  Only those employers who substantially complete the survey will be considered a participating employer.

The Boone EDC partners with Purdue University’s Center for Regional Development to curate the 2024 Boone County Wage & Benefits Study.  We anticipate the completed report will be available to participating employers sometime in second quarter 2024. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE SURVEY: FEBRUARY 9, 2024

We have included a downloadabe Wage & Benefit survey guide that will provide you with the information we are seeking in the survey. This gives you a guide to preparing and gathering your specific data that will be used within the survey. Thank you for taking the time to help us gain, gather and giveback this vital information.

By completing the survey, one person will be drawn to win a $150+ gift basket from local Boone County businesses. 

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Molly Whitehead, Boone EDC Executive Director, at molly@betterinboone.org.