Written by Claire Nieshalla

When a business owner’s dream becomes their reality, so does ours.

For Zionsville resident and veterinarian Dr. Lindsey Hedges, opening Pleasant Paws Veterinary Clinic allowed her the freedom to tailor her business to what she believes is the most effective, safe, and friendly experience for both her clients and furry patients.

“I opened Pleasant Paws Veterinary Care in August 2014 with a dream of running a veterinary clinic with the client experience and patient comfort as the top priority,” said Hedges. “We are so proud to be a part of Boone County, and look forward to many more years as a part of this great community.”

When Hedges and her husband first moved to Boone County, she was finishing her degree at Purdue. After working for three years as one of four doctors at an animal hospital in Lafayette, Hedges moved forward with her goal to open her own practice. The couple fell in love with the community here, and the business took root.

Six years later, Pleasant Paws continues to thrive. In 2019, Dr. Hedges saw an opportunity for growth and how to best continue providing the county with high-quality animal care. With desires to double the space and update equipment, Lindsey benefited from the Boone Economic Development Corporation microloan program (now Propel Program) that enabled her to acquire the means and tools necessary for specific projects in a season of growth.

As a result of Lindsey’s vision, the microloan program, and the Boone County community, Pleasant Paws has resources to offer various services that align with its dedication to quality and stress-free care for pets. Lindsey’s love for Boone County is reflected in the company’s family-friendly atmosphere and team commitment to serving in any way they can.

Specific services include grooming, lifelong veterinary care and hospice care while continuing their focus on the health and comfort of valued patients.

Even your pets will agree that it is #BetterinBoone.

Dr. Hedges is supported by her husband, Ted Gieseking II, the business’s Office Manager, They have three dogs and three cats.

Source: http://www.pleasantpawsvetcare.com/our-clinic