Whitestown, Ind – Technical Sealing System (TSS USA) announces plans to open its first U.S. location in Boone County in August. TSS, headquartered in Italy, joins a long list of international companies establishing in Boone County. This decision signals renewed economic growth for Boone County with a $1 million capital investment.

TSS, an automotive company specializing in foams, enters the American market after launching divisions in Poland, Mexico, and Italy. The Whitestown plant will be located at 3811 Perry Blvd. Whitestown’s strategic location created an ideal partnership for TSS who strives for the timely distribution of goods and services.

“Whitestown is the natural choice for our entrance into the U.S, market as their centralized location makes it easily accessible for quick distribution while having access to a qualified workforce,” said Matteo Caminoli, TSS COO, Treasurer, and Secretary.

“We are pleased that TSS has chosen to bring their operations to Whitestown,” said Whitestown Town Council President Clinton Bohm. “The significant capital investment they are making proves that economic development is alive and well in our community.”

“The addition of TSS USA to Boone County is one we take pride in,” said Boone EDC Executive Director Molly Whitehead. “Boone County is uniquely positioned for manufacturing and distribution companies. The decision by TSS to start its first U.S. facility in Whitestown is a reflection of the vast resources our growing county has.”


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