N.K. Hurst


Zionsville, Ind.N.K. Hurst Company, family owned and operated in Indianapolis since 1938, is announcing their intent to expand to Zionsville, pending due diligence review.

The new Zionsville location is planned to house office, manufacturing, and distribution operations.  The expansion is anticipated to bring more than 40 jobs.

N.K. Hurst Company started as a coffee, tea, and sugar distributor, and nine years later, they released their first product, dry edible beans.  Their secret HamBeens® flavor led to their most well-known product, HamBeens 15 Bean Soup®.

“I am thrilled to welcome N.K. Hurst to the Zionsville family,” said Tim Haak, Mayor of Zionsville.  “N. K. Hurst’s commitment to quality and family values is just one fo the many reasons why they are a great fit for our community.”

“We are grateful that N. K. Hurst Company is expanding into Zionsville and Boone County,” said Molly Whitehead, Executive Director of the Boone County Economic Development Corporation.  “We look forward to a fruitful partnership with N. K. Hurst in the coming years.”


About the Boone County Economic Development Corporation:

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