The Arc of Greater Boone County proudly welcomes Molly Whitehead, Executive Director of the Boone County Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC), as one of its newest board members. The recent announcement of three distinguished additions, including Dr. Gerardo Maupome’, Professor and Associate Dean of Research at Indiana University, and Michelle Roberts, Business Development Manager for Weddle Bros. Construction Companies, marks a significant stride in fortifying the organization’s commitment to community inclusion and leadership diversity.

The Arc of Greater Boone County, since its inception in 1970, has been steadfast in its mission to empower individuals with disabilities and special needs, fostering an environment where they can reach their full potential through collaborative community engagement.

Molly Whitehead’s appointment to The Arc’s board is a testament to her dedication to community development and the well-being of all its members. As the Executive Director of the Boone EDC, Whitehead brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that aligns seamlessly with The Arc’s mission. Her role in economic development underscores a commitment to creating an inclusive community that caters to the diverse needs of all residents.

“We welcome our new members and the energy they provide our organization. We are pleased with the perspective and experience they bring to the group and look forward to their leadership and guidance for The Arc GBC. Our Board continues to grow in its diversity, including self-advocates, families of persons with disabilities, and community leaders,” reports Pam Verbarg, Executive Director of The Arc of Greater Boone County.

Molly Whitehead’s involvement in The Arc’s board adds a critical dimension to the organization’s leadership. As a community leader deeply engaged in economic development, Whitehead will contribute valuable insights to the strategic direction of The Arc. Her role in Boone EDC emphasizes her commitment to fostering an environment where every individual, regardless of ability, can contribute meaningfully to the community.

“The Arc provides a valuable service to our community, and I am excited to join this esteemed group of individuals. Professionally, I look forward to exploring more partnership opportunities between the Boone EDC and the Arc, especially where workforce development is concerned,” Says Whitehead.

The significance of this appointment extends beyond The Arc itself; it resonates with the broader community and the Boone EDC. Whitehead’s dual role positions her to bridge the gap between economic development and community inclusivity. This synergy holds the potential to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to actively participate in the economic and social fabric of Boone County.

In welcoming Molly Whitehead to The Arc’s board, the organization not only expands its leadership diversity but also strengthens its capacity to advocate for and support individuals with disabilities. The combined expertise of the newly appointed board members sets the stage for innovative approaches to community engagement and reinforces The Arc of Greater Boone County’s commitment to empowering every individual to achieve their maximum potential.

As Boone County continues to grow and evolve, the collaborative efforts of community leaders like Molly Whitehead ensure that inclusivity and support for those with disabilities remain at the forefront of the community’s agenda. The Arc of Greater Boone County looks forward to a future enriched by the leadership and guidance of Molly Whitehead and its other esteemed board members as they work together to create a more inclusive and vibrant community for all.