Boone EDC Executive Director Molly Whitehead and Councilwoman Elise Nieshalla meet with Toyotetsu representatives.

We said goodbye to Tokyo today and headed south to Nagoya to start the second half of our trip. One of my favorite things about Japan is the Shinkansen, the bullet trains that travel more than 180 miles per hour. It’s easy, smooth, and relaxing, and if I could travel everywhere by Shinkansen, I would be set.

Toyotetsu — the other half of FTIC in Jamestown — is located about an hour outside of Nagoya. Like all of our other Japanese businesses located in Boone County, our relationship with Toyotetsu is an incredibly important one to us.

We had a wonderful conversation with Toyotetsu officials about the facility in Jamestown, and we spent a good part of our conversation discussing our local school systems and the important role they play in our communities.

Tomorrow we meet with our final Boone County company and then head further south to Osaka for other meetings. It’s been a fantastic trip so far, but an exhausting one for sure.