Information Technology (IT) is a part of EVERYTHING we do today: businesses, homes, recreational activities – they all rely on technology and the connectivity between technology.

In business, technology can make a company more efficient and therefore more profitable. Knowing what to look for in IT is important to helping your business become even more successful.

Business and Brewskies is a small business and entrepreneur focused monthly meeting where the Boone EDC presents information relevant to small business owners. The Boone EDC’s September meeting considered IT services and what are the coming trends in IT infrastructure.

Rob Michels and Aaron Toops, co-founders of and a Boone EDC Small Business Member, educated our Business and Brewskies attendees about the history of the connected workplace and how “the cloud” as we know it has changed the way we do business (for the better!).

Here were some of our take-aways:

  • Security – Housing data, information, and programs in “the virtual private cloud” is a much more secure way of doing business because you don’t have to worry about malicious programs or viruses that affect one computer. Programs that are stored in the cloud are backed up constantly, so if something happens, you can quickly reinstall a recent upload and start fresh.
  • Mobility – a virtual private cloud allows you the business owner access from multiple technology sources (anything with an internet connection) so you are not tied to one computer terminal or physical location.
  • Flexibility – the virtual private cloud allows you to open program access to employees for specified uses, putting the business owner in full control of their employee’s activities.

IT services are critical to business operations today. While you don’t have to be an IT expert, having an expert on hand will help you and your business be more effective and efficient.

Ben Worrell is the Deputy Director and small business contact for the Boone EDC. For more information on Business and Brewskies events, small business resources, or other events happening in Boone County, please connect with the Boone EDC via FacebookTwitter or Instagram or visit our website.