Communities across the nation are marking this week as the fourth annual Economic Development Week (#EconDevWeek), celebrating the contributions by professional economic developers to create more economically vibrant and livable communities.

Here at the Boone County Economic Development Corporation, we believe that a strong community is a united community, one that achieves balance between its residents and businesses. We seek the right economic opportunities to support strong communities and enhance the quality of life for all Boone County residents.

For example, last year we announced that 16 companies chose to expand or locate in Boone County. These companies anticipate hiring more than 1,300 people and investing more than $279 million in the community over the next few years.

We aim to be a catalyst for smart growth strategies and forge mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations capable of understanding and further enriching the unique assets that the residents of Boone County have built.

We couldn’t do the work we do without the support of our elected officials and community leaders. Together, we work to make it #BetterInBoone.