Our partners at Boone REMC made an exciting announcement this week — they’re now providing free WIFI at their Lebanon office. Infrastructure, including internet connectivity, is critical to economic development, so we are thrilled to see this amenity being made available in Boone County.

Read up on the official announcement below:

Lebanon, Ind. – Boone REMC is providing free community WIFI at the Boone REMC office. The service is meant to help the community as the pandemic continues and more families are working or learning remotely.

The new program, called “Boone Cooperative Advantage Connect,” will provide a hotspot at the Lebanon office.  More locations will be added eventually.  Anyone can drive to a hotspot and connect for free. The community can expect better speeds the closer they are to the antennae, and there is no limit to the data used.

“During these challenging times, we recognize that connection to family, friends, work and school are more important than ever,” Bill Conley, Boone REMC CEO, said. “We encourage the public to use precautions when connecting to any public WIFI, but now everyone can have access by simply coming to the site.”

The site will remain as long as the devices remain functional and Boone REMC has permission from the community to continue providing the service.

Learn more about this great new program here.