Boone EDC Partners

MonoSol, LLC, a Kuraray Division

Since MonoSol’s founding in 1953, our business is helping people and the planet.

With the power of water-soluble technology and our brilliant team of chemists, engineers and innovators, we create safer, simpler and more sustainable solutions for a range of industries. Our technology has already revolutionized product categories like detergents, healthcare and agriculture.

Although MonoSol has expanded across the globe, we take pride in maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit from when we began with just one facility in Northwest Indiana. A lot has changed since 1953, but we’ve never lost the heart of close-knit, nimble and inventive company. We believe in each other, what we do and our power to do good for the world.

Services Offered

  • Custom Film Solubility
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Film Convertibility
  • Antistatic and Release
  • Dissipative and Barrier Properties
  • Resistant Properties
  • Biodegradable

To get more information, please contact Matt Vander Laan or visit their web site.


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