The Boone EDC proudly announces its participation in the groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering workforce inclusion and economic empowerment for underserved populations. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the organization’s strategic plan, specifically focusing on the development of programming tailored to benefit individuals with disabilities, those who have been incarcerated, veterans, and disadvantaged families.

Boone County becomes the third community to join this transformative initiative, following in the footsteps of Johnson County, Indiana, and Hamilton County, Ohio.

Several key partners have joined the Boone EDC for initial conversations, demonstrating a collective commitment to drive positive change in the community. These partners include:

The Arc of Greater Boone County

Boone County Community Corrections

Boone County Sheriff’s Department


Hachette Book Group


Ken’s Foods

Lebanon Community Schools

Merritt Contracting

Western Boone Schools

Zionsville Community Schools

The Boone EDC anticipates the workforce inclusion plan for Boone County will initially encompass three key components:

Asset Mapping: A comprehensive analysis to identify existing programs and initiatives within Boone County that contribute to workforce inclusion. This critical step will serve as the foundation for building a cohesive and collaborative network.

Employer Education: Engaging local employers to enhance their understanding of the value and potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce. This education initiative aims to create a supportive environment for individuals from underserved populations.

Identifying Gaps and Opportunities: Uncovering any existing gaps in current workforce inclusion efforts and identifying opportunities for improvement. This step is crucial for tailoring the initiative to meet the unique needs of Boone County and its residents.

As Boone County joins this innovative workforce inclusion initiative, it reinforces the community’s commitment to promote a more inclusive and diverse workforce. The collaboration with local partners underscores the importance of collective efforts in driving positive change.

The Boone EDC looks forward to working closely with its partners and the community to create a model for workforce inclusion that can be replicated and adapted to benefit communities nationwide.

If you are interested in learning more on how to be a part of this program from an underwriter, partner or participant, please reach out to us at