Become an Investor

Why Invest?

Joining the Boone EDC as an investing member propels growth in Boone County through our vision and strategic plan. Our investing members benefit from valuable connections, resources, and contribute to community initiatives, fostering a prosperous future for all. Together, we create a resilient environment, ensuring a prosperous legacy for future generations. Join us in shaping the future of Boone County.


Our Values

ADVOCATE: Champion for Boone County’s growth, prosperity, and well-being. RESPONSIVE: Swiftly and diligently addressing community needs and stakeholders’ concerns. COMMITTED: Dedication to sustainable economic development in Boone County. INNOVATIVE: Cultivation of a creative environment, welcoming fresh ideas for progress. CONNECT: Actively building partnerships strengthening Boone County’s economic landscape.


Our initiatives

  • Develop a vision and brand for Boone County
  • Launch workforce marketing campaigns
  • Educate and advocate for workforce solutions
  • Develop programming for underseved populations¬†


To learn more about these opportunities, download our comprehensive investment package. By becoming a partner and investing in the Boone EDC’s 5 year strategic plan for Boone County, you are investing in the community and the positive economic development for all. If you have questions or would like to set up a call or meeting to discuss, please email Molly Whitehead at