As a small business owner, you don’t want to just survive your business, you want your business to thrive. Good news, we want that too. So, we combined both our Microloan Program and the Small Business Economic Relief Fund to create the Propel Program to help your business adapt, launch, operate, and grow.

The Propel Program provides financial assistance for both startups, as well as small businesses in terms of a loan and gives you access to advisory business services to help you get to your next trajectory. Think of us as your “small business slingshot”. Our simplified loan process has a guaranteed turnaround of 10 business days upon receipt of the application, and we are offering one month of deferred payments.

  • Hiring a Marketing Consultant– Did you pivot dramatically during COVID-19? Are you now realizing you have a completely new target audience that you need to learn more about, or do you want to rebrand your services to best meet both your former and new audiences? Are you just ready for a change? Consider hiring a marketing consultant to discuss your brand awareness, target audiences, and potentially a new website design. The Propel Program can fund this so you are all set for the foreseeable future.
  • Targeted Social Media Advertisements– Need to find new audiences to help generate revenue, but don’t have enough cash on hand to pay for geotargeted ads? Wonder if online advertisements in local or regional news outlets would benefit your business? The loan can assist you as you reach new audiences around the Region.
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation- Was lock-down difficult as your employees worked remotely? Were you not able to work remotely because of an older IT infrastructure? If so, consider the Propel Program. Not only is the Boone EDC’s partner,, offering a free consultation service to discuss your IT needs, but you can also use the loan program to help finance IT improvements.
  • Facility Sanitation & Cleaning Improvements– Would you like to deep clean your facility or add needed building renovations or equipment purchases to help create a sanitized, safe environment for your employees and customers? The Propel Program can help any business owner get their facility up to tip-top shape so the owners, employees, and customers are focused on the job and not focused on germs.
  • Equipment Purchase- Did your small business explode in service requests during the stay-at-home order? Did one of your pieces of equipment experience more wear and tear than normal, or are you needing to expand or upgrade your equipment to do more jobs? The Propel Program can help you finance an equipment improvement or replacement so you can work more efficiently.
  • Financial Advisory Services– Has COVID-19 created a financial success or downturn for your business? Are you unsure of your current and future financial implications from the shutdown? Consider speaking with our financial partners Allman Johnson CPAs & Advisors or Seth Attinger CPA, LLC to discuss your next steps as a business. Need help with these services? Consider the loan portion of the Propel Program.
  • Strategy Assistance- Are you considering your next stage as a business owner? Would you like to scale up or scale down, but you want a better understanding of the market and what you should be focusing on as a small business? Paul McCoy’s TIDAL Coaching is here to assist you. Recipients of the Propel Program will receive a thirty-minute complimentary call with Paul as you discuss your strategic future as a business owner.

There is no denying this has been a difficult year, and these are just a few ways the Propel Program can help you finish 2020 strong. Whether you need $500 to $10,000 or just need strategic advisory services, the Propel Program is here to help you get back on your feet and thrive. Call us. Email us. Visit us online.

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Once again, a special thanks to the Boone EDC’s private and public donors that have generously donated to the Boone EDC’s loan programs.