May 1st, 2015 — The Boone County Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC) today announced its joint effort with Boone County communities to promote Lemonade Day, a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit in students and youth.

Lemonade Day was brought to the Indianapolis area by Hoosier-native Scott Jones as a day to promote good business principles in young people.  Youth are encouraged to contact local businesses and request permission to set up a lemonade stand and sell their concoctions to the public.  Through this simple exercise, students are encouraged to learn lessons of finance, customer service, and other small business functions.

“We are excited to launch the Boone County chapter of Lemonade Day,” said Molly Whitehead, Executive Director of the Boone EDC. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with our communities in this initiative, and most importantly, to instill business principles and entrepreneurialism in our youth.”

“Lemonade Day is an exciting and fun opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn the valuable skills of operating a business,” said Mayor Huck Lewis of Lebanon, Indiana.  “The City of Lebanon is happy to be a partner in bringing Lemonade Day to our city.  We look forward to continuing to look for unique ways to invest in our young people.”

“Lemonade Day is an effort every one of us should support.  This is a great way for our youth to learn some real business basics early in life,” said Zionsville Town Council President, Steve Mundy.  “Who knows, that girl or boy selling lemonade on your street might take those lessons learned and become a future business success, and we all helped.”

“The Town of Whitestown is very excited to partner with the Boone EDC and play a role in the education and development of our future leaders,” said Dax Norton, Town Manager of Whitestown. “There is nothing more energizing than to witness the effort these aspiring entrepreneurs put into their Lemonade day businesses.”

Lemonade Day is hosted on the third Saturday in May.  This year, Lemonade Day is May 16th.  Interested youth can read more and sign up online (with parents supervision) at  Participants (both hosting businesses and youth) are encouraged to contact Ben Worrell ( at the Boone EDC with their location so the stand locations can be shared with all Boone County residents.

To find stand locations, visit our Boone County Lemonade Day locations map!  We will be updating locations as we receive them.

Community hosts include:

Memorial Park – Lebanon (contact Kristi Reynolds with the Boys and Girls Club of Lebanon)

Whitestown Municipal Complex – (contact the Whitestown Municipal Complex)

Zionsville Town Hall – (contact the Zionsville Town Hall)

zWorks Co-Working Space in Zionsville (2 spots available) – (contact zWorks)

Akard True Value Hardware in Boone Village (limited spots available) – (contact Akard Hardware)

SullivanMunce Cultural Center in Zionsville – (contact the SullivanMunce Cultural Center)


About Lemonade Day – Greater Indianapolis:

Founded in 2010, Lemonade Day – Greater Indy encourages kids to learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, philanthropy and much more.  The Lemonade Day organization encourages business owners and adults to participate as partnership sites, mentors to youth on business practices, and even donate financially to support the success of this great day.  More info at

About the Boone EDC:

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC) strives to give consultants, business leaders, and public officials the information needed to succeed when expanding or relocating businesses to Boone County, Indiana.  To learn more about the Boone EDC, visit

Source: Boone County Economic Development Corporation