Keeping Spirits High: Boone County Libations

Jennifer Rubenstein

Looking to kick back with some local libations? Boone County has ample opportunity. Here’s a list of our favorites:


Set up in the former Whitestown High School gym, you’ll find a solid craft beer selection along with an ever-changing menu. Moontown isn’t just for a fun Saturday night (oh yea, there is live music too), you can also host events in their 1915 room.

Coming soon to the heart of Lebanon, Klooz Brewz is a community experience. As craft brewery and an affordable, locally sourced, family restaurant featuring handcrafted beer, wine, spirits and soda, Klooz Brewz finds itself as the next local hangout that you won’t want to miss.

A new distillery and tasting room in Zionsville, this small-batch business lets you taste on-site in an atmosphere reminiscent of a speak-easy with minimal décor and laboratory vibes you’ll get a unique experience surrounding the concoctions made here.

Much awaited and recently opened, Hotel Tango is a brand all its own. As the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the nation, the Zionsville location is a second home for the distillery.

Local in award-winning high-quality wines are made and tasted here. Try on-site and bring home a favorite for your next gathering.

Just be careful not to find yourself at the actual Boone County Jail (or do and tell us the story)! This local artisan distillery is found on The Square in Lebanon in the former Boone County Jail, which was operational in this location from 1833-1992. Today, the Boone County Jail is serving spirits instead of time. While you can’t taste at the distillery, these uniquely named spirits make for a great time and fun gift!