Having the opportunity to work this summer at the Boone EDC as their Marketing and Communications Intern has been full of great experiences and growth. I am thankful for the EDC staff allowing me to be apart of their team. During this opportunity Kim has helped perfect and teach me new marketing and communications skills. In addition to my growth in marketing, I was able to work with the rest of the staff on different projects and learned about economic development and the great things that are going on in Boone County.

Some projects I have worked on during my time at the Boone EDC include: 

  • Creating maps for all the business parks
  • Creating and updating one pagers 
  • Being a team member on various campaigns 
  • Completing the Boone County Trail
  • Assisting with the restaurant attraction campaign 
  • Designing variousmarketing pieces

As I wrap up my internship this summer I will use the new marketing and communications skills I gained throughout my Graphics Arts Management classes during upcoming semesters and beyond in my career. In addition to applying business tactics I learned towards my minor of Business Administration to help me grow from a business standpoint. I am appreciative of all the Boone EDC staff has done for me for this summer, and look forward to the upcoming semesters as I return to Ball State University with a better understand of the type of job I want to have someday.