LEBANON (June 16, 2022) – The Boone County Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC) in partnership with Boone County Community Corrections developed the Maximizing Your Potential Course, a soft skills program intended for those who have been involved in the justice system.  The Boone County Commissioners provided a grant of $125,000 to support local second chance employment initiatives like this one.

Last night, 8 students attended the final class and graduation ceremony of the inaugural Maximizing Your Potential course. The 5-month course was held monthly in Lebanon and focuses on a variety of skills, from financial wellness and mock interviews to empathy and strength finders. The course intends to help students reintegrate into society and equip them with the skillset and confidence to seek out higher earning opportunities.

“Not only do second chance employment initiatives give people an opportunity to reintegrate into society, but they also increase talent attraction within the workforce and taps into a source of talented workforce that is often overlooked,” said Molly Whitehead, Boone County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director. “Second chance employment helps ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity at employment.”

“The Boone County Commissioners are pleased to fund the Maximizing Your Potential course,” said Boone County Commissioner Jeff Wolfe. “We believe programs like this help people get and maintain gainful employment opportunities, which benefits our entire community.”

As part of Boone County’s Second Chance Initiatives, Boone County Community Corrections has also become a referral partner with Dress for Success Indianapolis.  At the graduation ceremony, three women graduates were provided “Empower Her Kits.” Like a subscription clothing box, the women completed a form with their size, style and intended occupation. In return, they received curated outfits, shoes, handbags and even makeup ensure they have everything they need to confidently dress for interviews and in the workplace.

About the Boone County Economic Development Corporation

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