Any time two people work together, there is the opportunity for successes beyond what any one person could achieve by themselves. However, there is also the chance for some sort of disagreement or opposing opinions.

When business owners hire their first employee, they hope to do more with that additional asset, however, they must be prepared for any circumstances that may arise as well. This is where Human Resources (HR) comes in.

Business and Brewskies is a small business and entrepreneur focused monthly meeting where the Boone EDC presents information relevant to small business owners. The Boone EDC’s August meeting considered the “must dos” for small business owners when it came to HR law.

Susan Spangler, founder and owner of Beacon Human Resources LLC and Boone EDC Small Business Member, addressed several stages of business growth and areas that small business owners must consider as they grow with additional employees.

Here were some of our take-aways:

  • Are you in compliance with HR Laws? Do you know what these might be? If not, you need to contact your HR professionals to discuss which labor laws and compliance issues you might need to address right away!
  • Policies and Procedures – do you have them written down and are you following them? This is key when recruiting, hiring, and especially during the termination process to avoid discrimination claims.
  • Retention and Company Culture – with unemployment so low right now, you have to hold onto your good employees! What are you doing to make sure you have the most engaging work environment for your employees?
  • Regularly scheduled audits – are you performing a self-check on your business and compliance standards? Or is the policy manual collecting dust on a shelf?

HR law can be complex. Avoiding it due to the complexity is a sure way to get into some major trouble however. Protect your business and plan for your future growth now by connecting with an HR specialist and establishing good practices and policies now!

Ben Worrell is the Deputy Director and small business contact for the Boone EDC. For more information on Business and Brewskies events, small business resources, or other events happening in Boone County, please connect with the Boone EDC via FacebookTwitter or Instagram or visit our website.