Top 10 Things To See In Boone County

Whether your roots are planted deep in the rich soil of the land, you are new to the area, or are still wondering if Boone is the right place for you, traditions and new events and places keep the towns vibrant and welcoming. We take pride in offering countless avenues of activities and destinations for both young and old.

Happy Hour in Boone County


Looking to kick back with some local libations? Boone County has ample opportunity. Check out these distilleries and breweries worth the drive! 


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Spring Things to Do in Boone County

Written by Natalie Dafoe They say that Spring is the season in which life is alive in everything, so why don’t we choose to live, too? All too often, we get so consumed in our busy schedules that we forget the bounty that our community has to offer. Boone County is...

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This Weekend in Boone County: April 22-25

Need ideas for your weekend plans? Check out what’s happening in Boone County this weekend!  We encourage everyone to follow local and business COVID guidelines, which may include social distancing and require wearing a face covering. Thursday, April 22 Participate in...

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