Below is an excerpt from an article in The Lebanon Reporter.

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation reports that they have seen a large amount of growth all over Boone County in just the first six months of 2018.

In 2017, 14 new companies came to Boone County. So far this year, they have already closed 11 deals, and nine of those are attraction deals, meaning they don’t already have a presence in Boone County. Officials say it is normal to see one of these projects ever year, so seeing this many new projects is very encouraging. These companies range from large manufacturers to smaller scale distribution centers.

Last year there were around 1800 jobs, thanks to XPO Logistics coming to Lebanon. This year they have seen 900, but Boone County EDC officials are is not discouraged as 900 is a good number for halfway through the year and with these new businesses comes higher wages.

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