One of my goals at the Boone EDC is to educate our partners on opportunities to further their professional growth. Practicing what I preach, I recently attended a training by one of our partners, MAVPAK, as part of their LeadWell by MAVPAK series. We spent a few hours studying the DiSC profiles, describing how we could ruin relationships with our opposite personality type, and learning how to adapt in different situations at work, most notably during performance review time.

Yes, I know the Boone EDC is smaller, but I think these training are applicable to companies of any size, so here are your upcoming opportunities to impact change in your own organizations:

Leadership Essentials 1.0 – How to adapt your communication style, how to have a candid conversation, and how to coach instead of manage. Meets in Plainfield (yes, I know, not Boone County!) starting in June.

Coaching 101 – How to utilize three conversation styles – life story, career, and weekly priority check-ins. August in Plainfield.

Strengths 101 – Learn how your own strengths can be used to build engaged employees and a stronger team. In August on the Northwest side (TBD).

I can’t recommend MAVPAK’s training enough and will likely be at one of these training sessions myself, so I hope to see you there!