Economic Boon_PictureNovember 6th, 2015 – Boone County, Ind. – The Boone EDC works diligently to get the word out about all of the great initiatives and projects happening within Boone County.  It is great to see someone else recognizing the great growth and development we see too!

Biz Voice Magazine, the Indiana Chamber Publication, produced an article in its November/December edition focused on the challenges and growth occurring in Boone County.  Key highlights include:

  • Lebanon tackles the workforce development issue with the establishment of the Gene Haas Training Center
  • Whitestown sees its 4th-year-in-a-row tremendous growth rate
  • Zionsville increases tech and company headquarters locating in its business parks
  • Jamestown lands the FTIC project which will add nearly 200 new jobs

You can find the full article right here, courtesy of Biz Voice Magazine and the Indiana Chamber.

With all this good news for Boone County, we are sure to see further attention and growth as more companies seek options in the central Indiana region and greater Midwest!  It’s a good day to live, work and play in Boone County!