Kevin was the chief designer of the Cultural Trail. He took us on a tour, by bike, of the 8 miles of cultural trail. He stopped at key points to show us what the Cultural Trail had done for the community.

I recently attended the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Symposium where Brian Payne, CEO of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) described the production of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail as this: “If you are going to do something that is going to last forever, you must do it big, bold and beautiful.”

Big, bold, and beautiful is how I see the Big 4 Trail being completed.

  • It won’t just be a stretch of asphalt or concrete spanning the county; it will be a 20+ mile art piece and a destination for residents and visitors alike.
  • It will be something that everyone in Boone County will be proud of.
  • It will be why new businesses, headquarters and restaurants choose to locate here.
  • It will be why you choose to stay here forever.
  • It will be why your kids choose to come back after college and live here and raise their families.
  • It will be a way to connect our towns and cities.
  • It will open more opportunities for economic and community development.
  • It will raise the value of your homes.
  • It will increase your quality of life.

Big, bold and beautiful isn’t just about how the trail will look. It is about how it will make you feel living here and about how others view our community. It will be what helps us stand out from the others.

It is what will make life #BetterInBoone!