As we seek out the right economic opportunities for Boone County, placemaking is a key piece of that puzzle.  Each year, the Boone EDC conducts a Quality of Life survey to measure residents’ opinions of their quality of life and to ensure the Boone EDC’s community development strategy addresses these ideas and issues.

Here’s a glimpse of the results:

  • Close to 700 responses from Boone County residents, a 37% increase in response rate from 2018
    • Most responses from transplants
    • More than 2/3 of respondents were from Lebanon and Zionsville (our two largest municipalities)
    • Responses nearly evenly split between 35-44, 45-54, and 55+ audiences, with the most responses from 55+
  • Like last year, we learned people stay in and appreciate life in Boone County because of family, the sense of community, and our strong education systems.
  • And like last year, here are the biggest opportunities our residents see to attracting talent in our community:
    • Amenities & activities, including arts and culture and connecting the Big 4 Trail throughout Boone County
    • Locally-owned, authentic restaurants and retail
    • A broad range of housing
  • New responses this year:
    • Transportation (e.g. access to, infrastructure improvements)
    • Different types of jobs
    • Diversity and inclusiveness

Our goal with this survey is to track long-term trends and again, to ensure the work we do here at the Boone EDC aligns with the community’s.  We recognize not all of these opportunities are immediately actionable or cost effective, but can be long-term goals for Boone County.  We look forward to working with our partners across Boone County to continue making it #BetterInBoone.